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10 Ways How You Can Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Beauty And Wellness


Apple cider vinegar ACV is an ancient beauty ingredient that has been used over centuries by the Romans and presently a popular beauty product in the West. It is made by the fermentation of fresh apples which turns acidic in nature and produces several enzymes, minerals good bacteria that aid in promoting the health and skin. It is packed with Vitamin A, C, potassium, copper, silicon, bioflavonoids, calcium,  sulfur which will only result in goodness for your overall health and beauty. But before we rave about ACV, we would like you to know that only organic ACV is good for skin and that you should dilute it with water for effective and safe usage. Let's get started about the benefits of ACV.

1.  Acne fighter:

Apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that will treat acne and fade away spots and blemishes. Make sure you dilute the 1 part of ACV with a few drops of tea tree oil and apply on your blemishes and acne, and within a few months you will notice the results.
Tip: Never apply it directly on your face, it might give a burning sensation.

2. Minimises the pores:
If you suffer from enlarged pores, and blackheads will be a common issue, but with ACV you can shrink your pores, control the sebum and reduce the chances of pimples, blackheads. ACV is a good source of alpha hydroxy acids that will exfoliate your skin, repair damaged skin cells and reduce pore size. You can make a facial toner with 1 part of ACV with 4 parts of rosewater and use it daily. This will clear out your skin and keep it healthy.

3. Anti ageing:
It has antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that will fight the free radicals, boost collagen production and keep wrinkles at bay. If you have dry skin, then mix ACV with cucumber juice and use it as a facial toner, whereas if you have sensitive and oily skin, then mix ACV with rose water, tea tree oil or green tea.

4. Sunburn soother:
You can get relief from the sunburns with the help of ACV. It is rich in amino acids that hydrate your skin and soothes the irritation or inflammation. Massage the sunburnt area with ACV diluted in cold water and keep your skin calm.

5. Prevents dandruff:

Dry scalp or oily scalp, ACV will balance the pH levels of your scalp and the antifungal properties will kill fungi, preventing dandruff, itchy scalp. Massage your scalp with diluted ACV and a few drops of tea tree oil and wash your hair with mild shampoo. This will expel dandruff from your hair and even keep your scalp dirt free.

6. Shiny locks:

As it restores the pH levels on your scalp it will prevent any buildup and even manage to keep your hair glossy and healthy. After your shampoo and conditioner, rinse your hair with ACV and enjoy glossy locks.

7. Soothes dry throat:
If you suffer from dry throat, then gargle with ACV and honey, it will give a relief to your throat. As apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and has antibacterial properties it kills the germs and prevents your throat from infection.
Tip: You can even gargle with ACV for treating bad breath.

8. Improves digestion:
ACV can reduce heartburns, irregular bowel movements and keep your digestive tract healthy. ACV is rich in acetic acid that will neutralise the acid in your stomach and provide you comfort from heartburns. It will flush out the toxins and keep your body clean. If you have a poor digestive system, then drink ACV before your meals, it will improve your digestion.

9. Reduces sugar levels:

According to experts the acetic acid in vinegar slows down the digestion of starch and reduces the sugar cravings and keeps your sugar levels in control. This is even one of the reasons why ACV is responsible for weight loss.

10. Makeup brush cleaner:

You can clean your makeup brushes with the help of ACV, it has malic acid and antibacterial properties that wash out the germs on the makeup brushes. All you would need it one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. This mixture will expel out the germs, bacteria and keep your makeup brushes spick and span.

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