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4 Homemade Recipes To Banish Your Uneven Skin Tone


Uneven skin tone, discoloration is a common skin issue of every girl. When you step out in the sun without a sunscreen, your skin produces excess melanin content which leads to uneven skin tone. Also, the other factors for uneven skin tone are  hyperpigmentation, overexposure to UV rays, acne scars, age spots. However most of us hide the uneven skin tone behind a perfect concealer, but there is a natural remedy for this skin issue. Yes, we bring you easy peasy homemade recipes that will lighten the skin naturally and give you a glowing, natural skin tone. 

1. Rice powder and milk:
Milk is a natural bleaching agent and has skin repairing properties that will help in correcting the uneven skin tone. Whereas rice powder protects the skin from UV rays, has exfoliating properties and even helps in whitening the skin. Make a creamy paste of both the mixture and apply it evenly on your uneven skin region. Wash it once it dries away. It is best to use whole milk for effective results.

2. Orange and lemon:
This is a supercharged recipe that will work amazingly on lightening the uneven skin tone. Both are a rich source of Vitamin C that is great for dewy skin, whereas lemon is a natural bleaching agent which will lighten the spots, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. You can either use orange juice or crush orange peels and mix it with lemon juice and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and make sure you use this twice a week for great results. 

3. Turmeric and aloe vera:
Another magical ingredient that will just boost your skin texture. Turmeric is a holy grail for your skin as it is known for its skin lightening properties, whereas aloe vera will diminish the hyperpigmentation, sun spots, acne scars and work on repairing the damaged skin. Add only a pinch of turmeric with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and smear it on your face, wash your face after 15 minutes. 
Tip: If you don't have aloe vera gel, then you can use cucumber juice too.

4. Sugar and yogurt:
Yes, this is a scrub recipe, but it works great in correcting the uneven skin tone. Sugar is a natural exfoliator that will remove the dead skin cells and promote healthy skin cells, whereas the lactic acid in yogurt will fade the hyperpigmentation, acne scars, make sure you use unflavored yogurt. Whip both the ingredients and slather on your face, once it dries pat your face and gently scrub your face and then wash with cool water. If you use it twice a week you will notice good changes within weeks. 

Always wear sunscreen, drink a good amount of water and eat healthy which will boost your complexion. Also use these homemade recipes twice a week and your skin complexion will definitely improve within a month or so.  

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