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6 Health Benefits Of Pineapple Juice


Bored of your apple or orange juice? Then try sipping pineapple juice, it would be sour in taste, but it is loaded with a plethora of vitamins, minerals, enzymes that have positive effects on your health and even give you a great skin complexion. Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C, A that, is a holy grail for your skin and health, also it has a low amount of calories that will work on weight loss. This fruit has interesting benefits and that is why we suggest every reader of Guilty Bytes to indulge in pineapple juice. Read more and know the what it does to your body. 

1. Boosts oral health:
If your teeth often fall prey of cavity, decay and gum diseases, then you need to increase the intake of Vitamin C, and pineapple juice brims with Vitamin C. it will prevent plaque formation, strengthen your teeth and improve your oral hygiene. It is even known for natural teeth whitening properties, so along with healthy teeth you would even get pearly white teeth. 

2. Reduces kidney stones:
Kidney stones can bring unbearable pain and even affect your complete health. But the easy way to dissolve the kidney stones is pineapple juice, it has high potassium levels that reduce the formation of kidney stones and even improve your heart health. 

3. Promotes good eyesight:
We all spend hours on gadgets, and if your work demands working on PC, laptop then it can definitely strain your eyesight. We care about you and that is why we recommend you to drink pineapple juice. It has high amounts of Vitamin A, C, beta-carotene that will protect your eyes from macular degeneration (vision loss) and from cataracts. For enhancement, you can even add carrots that will boost good eyesight.

4. Enhances healthy bones:
Along with healthy teeth, pineapple juice will even work on strengthening your bones. It has a good amount of manganese, which toughens your bones and the presence of bromelain enzyme will work as the anti-inflammatory and heal bone diseases. 

5. Treats cold, flu:
Change in weather can often disturb your immune system and increase the risk of cold, cough and flu. But you can prevent these diseases with the help of pineapple juice. The presence of Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple will subside the cold and boost your immune system. Drink pineapple juice with honey and protect your body. 

6. Aids in weight loss:
Drink any Vitamin C rich juice and it will work on shedding fats. Pineapple juice has low calories, boost metabolic rate and slow down digestion that will keep you full and reduce your sudden cravings. This way you can notice fats melting from your waistline. But yes, you need to exercise regularly and reduce junk, refine foods that will increase the effects of pineapple juice. 

Have you started drinking pineapple juice? Then do share with us your views in the comments below. 

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