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7 Things Acne Breakout Will Tell You About Your Body!


Despite strict beauty care did you just get a sudden zit on your cheek? Then it is time to detoxify your lungs or check your dental hygiene. Surprised? But according to Chinese tradition, our face speaks a lot about our internal organs and this technique is called face mapping. Face mapping connects the acne on your face to your organs and tells the reason behind the acne. Apart from greasy foods that trigger acne, there are plenty other reasons why you get breakouts on your face. Let's find out what each acne says about your health.

1. Acne on forehead:
If you suffer from acne or forehead, then it directly deals with the digestive system. It is time to flush out the toxins from your digestive system and hydrate your body.
Remedy- Drink lemon juice, apple juice that will clean your digestive system. Also look out for dairy products, if you get heavy breakouts on your forehead, then there is a possibility that your digestive system cannot tolerate dairy products.

2. Acne between your eyes:
A pimple between your brows is connected to your liver.
Remedy- Go for liver detoxification, change your food habits- avoid refined foods, carbs, junks and eat before 8 pm. Drink spinach smoothie daily which will keep your liver healthy.

3. Acne on the nose:
When you get a huge breakout on your nose it means something is troubling your heart.
Remedy- Nose acne is signs of high blood pressure and we suggest you to eat nuts, oats and cut salt intake, energy drinks, alcohol.

4. Acne on upper cheek:
If you live in a polluted environment or breathe impure air, then you can get acne on your upper cheeks which are linked to your lungs.
Remedy- Quit smoking, exfoliate your face regularly, drink green tea that will flush out the grime and keeps your skin healthy. Also keep your phone clean which is also responsible for upper cheek acne.

5. Acne on lower cheek:
Poor dental hygiene does not result in bad breath alone, it even shows up on your cheeks. So if you suffer from lower cheek acne then your gums are infected with bacteria.
Remedy- Brush twice a day, use mouthwash, try oil pulling. A good oral hygiene will keep bacteria and acne away.

6. Acne on the chin:
Chin acne is related to the change in your hormones. During your period days, acne can bump on your chin, so that is completely ok. But otherwise, if you see pimples on the chin, then it is linked to your small intestine. It means that you are having a poor diet or you are having improper sleep. Eat a healthy diet, cut down oily foods and prevent acne.

7. Acne on Neck:
Acne on your chest and neck could be due to your stress. So keep stress away and have a flawless neck.

So, girls, next time acne pop up find out which of your organ is in trouble and treat it instantly.

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