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#BrideGuide: 7 Tricks To Make Your Wedding Outfit POP With Style!


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When we talk about the New Age Bride, who knows her styles and silhouettes, it gets difficult to style them. As they all want something different, something unique, something in peach, something in gold or something just out of the box. We totally understand the need, today’s bride doesn’t want to deck up themselves with heavy jewels, and equally heavy red lehengas. So, especially for the new age bride who love whites, coral and pastels, we bring to you the ultimate styling tips to make your wedding outfit pop, and everyone’s mouth drop. Note it down!

#1 Colour it up!
If you don’t want to go the traditional way and opt for something in red, then don’t. This year there are so many options to select from. If you want a peach lehenga or pastel one you can get it easily. No more running around to don your favourite colour on the big day. But, remember not to follow trends blindly, take your time out and research. Know what style with suit you.

#2 Pouty bright Lips
One of the simple and easiest ways to add glam to your outfit is with the right bright lip colours. After all it’s one of the most important features of your whole look. Though, carrying a bold lip colour requires the bold personality. Since, it’s your wedding you can easily carry a dark red lips or tangerine colour. Ask your makeup artist to make your lips pop.

#3 Flowers are your best friend
Believe us, there is nothing more beautiful than a bride with flowers in her hair. It shows prosperity and happiness. Flowers can make anyone smile. You need to adorn fresh flowers in your hair on your big day. Instead of going for gajra, take some cues from us and go for different flower hairstyles and unique flower arrangement in hair.

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#4 Jewels that Attract
Remember to be extra careful while choosing the right jewellery with your lehenga or saree. Check out the style of your blouse, the neckline and fabric; select the jewellery that compliments it.  Don’t just follow trends blindly. It’s huge investment; make sure the whole look compliments and doesn’t get spoiled. Don’t try to match every detail with the jewellery, rather go for contrasting jewellery that makes your outfit pop. 

#5 The New Choora Styles
Another way to glamourize your wedding outfit is by selecting a different coloured choora. Yup, right instead of opting for a traditional red, try some baby pink chora, or a coral one. It will perfectly match your outfit, and it’s trendy as well.

#6 Choli Styles
Most of the brides-to-be pay less attention to the choli part, forgetting that it’s an important part of their whole ensemble and it will show. Select a style that is unique and can instantly makes the difference in the whole lehenga. If you will ask any fashion stylist they will say the lehenga skirt and dupatta doesn’t make much difference if the blouse cut is right. 

#7 Shoe love
No outfit is complete without selecting the right pair of shoes. Most of us think that shoes aren’t important, they will hide. But that’s not true shoes can really add the glam to your ensemble. Go for one in gold or the blingy one with pastel coloured lehenga.

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