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Here Are 6 Must Have Super Foods To Beat Your Cravings!


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What is one thing that is currently in buzz and every girl's dream? No dearie it's not Ranveer Singh, its Katrina’s washboard abs in Baar Baar Dekho. One look at her and even women go OMG, we know it isn't easy to get washboard abs in a week, but at least we can try a few changes in our diet and work on great abs. It is believed that weight loss depends 85% on what you eat and 15% on exercise and that is why we want our readers to eat healthily and look fabulous. While many of us have the habit of binge eating or snacking on things that appeal to the taste buds, but do no good for our health. And to bring an end to the binge eating we share superfoods that can suppress your appetite and keep your body fit. These Superfoods will definitely control your unhealthy snacking, for the simple reason that it will keep your stomach full and even result in weight loss.

1. Flaxseeds:
There is an appetite-suppressing hormone called cholecystokinin, which is stimulated by flax seeds and that is the reason why you would feel full when you munch on these tiny Superfoods. Also, it has healthy fatty acids that will keep your body, heart healthy. Sprinkle these seeds on your smoothie, cereals, salads and stay fit.

2. Oatmeal:
Another food that promotes cholecystokinin hormone (appetite suppressing) is oatmeal. It will control binge eating and keep you full for longer hours. Have this in your breakfast and speed your metabolism, reduce weight and even control overeating.

3. Apple:
An apple a day will keep overeating away. This is one of the healthiest snacks that will only do good to your body and skin. It has rich dietary fibre as well has high water content that will keep your tummy full. Also, apples will prevent blood sugar spikes which can cause hunger.

4. Green tea:
High blood sugar levels can often lead to hunger pangs, and that is why it is important to eat foods that will control the rise of blood sugar levels. Green tea will reduce the blood sugar levels and prevent overeating, cravings. It will even shed fat and keep your body fit and healthy.

5. Almonds:
Nuts often come under healthy snacking option and that is due to the healthy fats, fibre that will slow down the digestion and keep your belly full. Whenever you feel sudden cravings, munch on almonds, it will suppress your cravings.

6. Yogurt:
If you have a sweet tooth and can't stop yourself from cakes, sweets, then we suggest you eat fresh yogurt with raisins, almonds. It will appeal your sweet tooth and even suppress your unhealthy cravings. Make sure you pick unflavored yogurt for healthy results.

So next time you get midnight cravings or a sudden rush to binge on unhealthy snacks, pick any superfood from above and notice a healthy change in your body. It is important that you exercise regularly and avoid refined foods, carbs that add unhealthy fats to your body.

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