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7 Ways To Use Green Tea For Your Hair, Skin & Body


Green tea is one of the super drink that does a zillion of good things to your health, skin. And if you have noticed the flawless beauties of China, Japan and Korea swear by their cup of green tea. But if you aren't a fan of green tea, then you will love our post. We give you plenty of new ways to use green tea in your skincare regime so that you look flawlessly beautiful. Green tea face mask is quite a fad, but apart from face mask you can even use it for your as body bath, hair rinse and even foot soak. Read further to know the innovative ways of using green tea.

1. As facial toner:
The antibacterial properties of green tea will ward away bacteria and prevent your face from breakouts. Also, it will tighten your pores and reduce blackheads, excessive sebum. So extract green tea from the tea bag and add it to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and you are good to use this as a daily facial toner. If you wish, you can add a few drops of essential oil too.

2. As face mist:
Make a natural face mist that will keep you fresh all day and won't ruin your makeup even. Green tea will reduce inflammation, keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated. You would need a spray bottle, a green tea bag, and lemon essential oil. To half a cup of water, add green tea bag and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then add lemon essential oil, Vitamin E oil to the concoction and store it in a spritz bottle. You can spray it on your face and get an instant bright look.

3. As facial mask:
The polyphenols, enzymes, amino acids in green tea are responsible for beautifying your face. You can indulge in a good facial mask that will heal the scars, reduce premature aging, fight acne and give you a beautiful skin. You will need 1 green tea bag, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and a dash of turmeric. Smear the pack on your face and let it rest for 20 minutes. You will get a healthy looking, dewy skin. This beauty recipe should be applied twice a week.
Tip: if you have dry skin, then use yogurt for enhancing your skin. 

4. As a foot soak:
A foot soak is all that you need for the weekend. Pamper your feet with green tea, Epsom salt and lavender essential oil and your feet will thank you. Green tea has antibacterial properties that will flush out the bacteria, germs residing in your leg and Epsom salt will act as a gentle exfoliation, sloughing the dead skin cells. Lavender essential oil is optional, but it will calm your nerves, muscles and pamper your feet. Apply the mixture on your feet or you can even add the mixture in a warm water and soak your legs in the concoction. It will soothe, revitalize your feet.

5. As hair rinse:
You can prevent dandruff, stimulate hair growth with the help of green tea. The antioxidants in green tea will control hair fall, keep your scalp clean and promote healthy hair. After your shampoo, rinse your hair with green tea, lemon juice mixture and notice glossy and healthy hair.

6. As relaxing bath salt:
Reverse the signs of aging of your skin with this spectacular bath salt. It will make you feel refreshed and even make your skin beautiful. You will need green tea, orange juice, and Epsom salt. Mix all the ingredients in a jar and leave it for a day. Use it the next day in your bath and soothe your body ache, expel the toxins and keep your skin healthy.

7. As eye debuff:
The easiest way to banish the dark circles, puffy eyes is green tea bags. Refrigerate green tea bags and every morning apply it under your eyes. It will freshen and brighten your look. Also, you can take out the green tea powder from the tea bag and mix olive oil and use it daily as a night under eye cream, this will reduce your panda eyes.

Do you have some more innovative ideas on how to use green tea? Then we would love to see them in the comments below.

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