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DIY 4 Easy Homemade Toners For Oily Skin


If you have read our previous posts, we have told you how important facial toners are for your skin and how you can easily prepare toners at home. Facial toners are a must for an even, smooth complexion and that is why we have come with yet another fabulous facial toners for oily skin. Oily skin has two major skin issue- acne and excessive sebum. Hence to have a control on both of your skin problems, we bring four homemade toners will work like a pro and give you a flawless skin. So read further and make your own toner that is organic, chemical free and totally safe on your skin. 

1. Ice water toner:
Oily skin ladies must often opt for ice water, ice cubes that will control the excessive sebum, tighten their pores and give a soft skin texture. And this tuner is the easiest of all. Refrigerate distilled water in a spritz and every morning spray this toner your face with the cold water, incase you happen to forget stocking cold water, then rub an ice cube on your face and control oil, tighten pores, remove acne and blackheads. 
Tip: you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil, tea tree oil that is perfect for oily skin beauties.

2. Green tea toner:
Green tea is a holy grail for every skin type but it works amazingly for oily skin, sensitive skin. It is rich in nutrients, antioxidants that reduce fine lines, hydrates the skin and maintains a youthful look. Steep green tea bag in boiling water and once it cools down, store it in a spray bottle and sprays it all over your face morning, night and whenever your skin looks dull and tired. 

3. Neem toner:
Another organic and ancient way to treat your skin is neem leaves. It has excellent healing, antibacterial properties that will reduce breakouts, redness, scars and keep your skin blemish free. Wash neem leaves and adds it to 1 cup of boiling water. Once it cools down, store it in a bottle and with a help of cotton pads, tone your face every morning and night. 

4. Rose water and camphor toner:
Rose water is a popular beauty product which does a good job of cooling your skin, and adding a glow to your face. Along with rose water add a small chunk of camphor or camphor oil, which will act as an antiseptic and treat the acne. Use this toner twice a day and make your face less greasy, and acne free. 

Make sure you use each toner twice a day so that it shows its results faster. Also, store it in the fridge so that it will give a cooling sensation whenever you use it. Go organic and stay beautiful always. 

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