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This 8 Step Morning Skincare Routine Will Make Your Skin WOW!


Being beautiful requires dedication and patience. You have to accept it that you cannot remove all your flaws overnight and that you need a dedicated regular skincare routine that will work on your skin and show results in months. So before we share the morning skincare routine, we would like you to find out which products or ingredients would suit your skin types. The below-listed skincare routine is a generic routine that all skin type can follow and work on the path of gorgeous skin. We have included 7 types which are quite easy and quick to do even for a busy morning person. 

1. Hydrate:
Even before you brush, start your day with water. Drink two glasses of water in the morning and it will prevent dehydration and dull look of your skin. Also, water will flush out toxins from your body, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion. 

2. Cleansing:
Be it oily or dry skin, clean your face with a mild face wash. If you want to go organic then clean your face with honey, it will kill bacteria, hydrate your skin and make is supple and plump. 

3. Exfoliation:
Coming to exfoliation, if you have sensitive skin, then exfoliate your skin twice a week and dry skin lovelies can scrub thrice a week. Exfoliation will slough off the dead skin cells and promote healthy skin cells. You can use homemade scrubs that will suit your skin type. The best would be baking soda, honey that will work on every skin type.

4. Toning:
Overactive sebaceous glands are the reason for sebum, acne, breakouts. Bring an end to it by toning, which will maintain the pH levels of your skin, bring an even skin tone and reduce age spots, acne, pigmentation. We recommend organic apple cider vinegar, which is a holy grail for every skin type. Make sure you use diluted ACV that is gentle and effective. 

5. Facial massage:
Pamper your face with a good facial massage. Take your favorite moisturizers and gently massage your face, eyes, neck for about 2-3 minutes. This will stimulate the blood circulation and give a dewy complexion. 

6. Exercise:
It goes without saying how essential is an exercise for a healthy body and beautiful skin. Exercise will open up the sweat glands, expel the toxins out from your body and even increase the blood circulation which will bring a natural glow on your face. 

7. Sunscreen:
We have heard celebrities and even beauty moguls preach on never to step out in the sun without smearing sunscreen. So girls if you want a healthy complexion sans uneven skin tone, then apply a good quality of sunscreen with SPF 30 and protect your skin from harsh sun rays. 

8. Facial mist:
Don't forget to spray a facial mist that will keep your face fresh and rejuvenated all day. You can make your own facial mist with rose water. Spritz some on your face and say goodbye to tired and dull face. 

Our morning skincare routine might involve many steps, but it is simple and a must for a beautiful skin. Keep your morning routine simple and stay gorgeous forever. 

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