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My Experience With Microdermabrasion Treatment for Acne, Scars, Pigmentation In Delhi


My quest for beauty has landed me at the House of wellness, Rajouri Garden. Remember I told you how I am undertaking a 6-month extensive bridal skincare regime to repair my skin from all the stress and damage? Well, as part of my pre-bridal sessions, I recently experienced Microdermabrasion, a treatment that is aimed at revitalizing dull skin while at the same time it reduces large pores, erases fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and age spots. This is a non-invasive procedure and should be performed only by specialists. The team at House of wellness will help you with pre and post care like no other. Today I’ll take you through the procedure and try to answers most queries surrounding microdermabrasion treatment!

Why do you need Microdermabrasion treatment?

The skin gets exposed to environmental factors like sun's rays, pollution that creates wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, light acne scars over the due course. While applying products nay help in maintaining the skin, microdermabrasion works on the existing problem areas thus reducing scars, pigmentation that appear on the skin. 

The skin can be the one that’s affected with uneven pigmentation, clogged pores, skin texture issues or acne. I fall in the category of uneven skin tone with some visible pigmentation.

What really happens in Microdermabrasion treatment?

This treatment helps in producing thicker, healthier skin layers. If you take multiple sittings of this treatment then you’ll end up with a newer layer of skin cells that have higher levels of collagen and elastin. These two important skin elements further improve complexion and overall appearance. 

The actual process of Microdermaabrasion

Microcrystals are gently sprayed over the skin to eliminate skin imperfections by removing the upper layer of dead and damaged skin cells to reveal new, fresh skin. This is a non-surgical procedure and the skin resurfacing is done by gently abrading the top layer of the skin with the help of micro aluminium oxide crystals or diamond tipped wand. The doctor at the House of Wellness used a diamond tipped wand where the small diamonds scraped the surface layers of the skin off. These dermabrasion crystals exfoliated the skin, and I felt the mild suction created by the microdermabrasion system on my face removing the skin debris (it felt like a vacuum cleaner was being run over my face at one point). The whole process however was pain free. 

It took me about 30-40 minutes in total.


As for the results, I am really happy with my current skin for it has improved over the due course owing to the well-planned skin treatments I am undertaking at House of Wellness. Right after the microdermabrasion treatment, I could see an improvement in skin’s colour and tone. There is no OMG magic that you will get with a single session but I am not kidding, the face looks smooth and has an improved texture ever since. I am also taking extra care of my skin and following a nighttime skin routine so the results have been a lot better for me.

You too can visit The House of Wellness for a skin consultation and get information on their set of treatments here. (I totally recommend them) and also, stay tuned as I share an update of the next session.

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