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My Thrilling Land Rover Discovery Sport Experience


There are some opportunities that come your way and leave you all thrilled in life! A day with Land Rover Discovery Sport was once such opportunity where I went for an off-road experience while exploring the luxury of the Land Rover that comes with skilled design to wow the SUV lovers! Being the only woman driver to off-road the new Discovery Sport was rather a cherry on the cake.

I have always been very passionate about driving and I have enjoyed my share of drives with some prodigious brands in India only to ascertain my love for the four wheelers. Being an Army Kid I have been fortunate enough to ride a tank, a Tatra vehicle, Shakitmaan( you can Google the name for more info) and many more , but the Land Rover experience wins it hands down! Land Rover along with Cougar Motorsports had invited us for its Land Rover Experience near Damdama Lake and after a quick briefing of the vehicle we went on our off-road experience. These kind of drives always help you learn so much about your own self by testing you to your limits and while at the same time you assess the potential of the vehicle. 

The first thing that I noticed about this premium SUV was its distinctive silhouette that grabs all the attention instantly. There is an immense legroom in this one and it has a sleek design considering the interiors.  After getting into the car along with my instructor and my team member, we drove to the terrain that was created for us to test the car.

The Discovery Sport boasts of a proficient terrain response system owing to the engineering integrity and it’s simple system design. “I still remember when we hit the inclined spot that was so high and superbly steep that I thought I couldn’t pull it off at all”.  It was when the instructor introduced me to the right throttle inputs. The Mud and Ruts programme was selected on the Land Rover Discovery Sport in its Terrain Response System and we took the plunge. “There was a moment when the car was close to 90 degrees, down the slope, but yet there was so much control that we slowly came down without any hassles”.  It now happens to be a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

As we went further ahead, I experienced huge muddy holes on the track that can actually be any driver’s nightmare. With the slowest speed possible, the Discovery Sport moved ahead with one of its wheel almost in the air. It’s the system that the SUV offers depending on the terrain that locks the individual wheels in a situation as such. I could still feel the wheels and felt that there was utmost control of the car at all times.

Gravel inclinations on the track were treated with the Grass/Snow/Gravel programme where the right amount of throttle was added for a smooth ride. I score a 10/10 for its cutting edge controls that make you experience the world of intuitive interaction. The drive was thrilling, versatile and absolutely luxurious! "I absolutely didn't want it to end at all."

Details on the car that I drove are as follows-
It was the top of the line HSE Luxury model.
1. 2.2 Litre Diesel Automatic
2. Max Power- 237 bhp @ 5500 rpm
3. Mileage- 13 Kmpl
4. Price- ₹ 55.17 lakh On Road Price (New Delhi)

You can get more details of this extraordinary Car here. 

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