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BRIDES! Consider These 4 Tips According To Feng Shui Before Buying The New House


Buying a dream house is a super huge investment and is always a special decision in a newly married couple's life. When buying home, everyone believes in certain superstitions but we all at Guiltybytes HQ think that it's better to go Fengshui way then superstitions ways. We spoke to some experts so that you can make a checklist before buying a new house-

#1. Consider the location:
Generally, while buying a new house people go in for neighborhood, locality, surroundings, market area etc. However according to Fengshui way, it's the location that has deeper meaning associated to it and is the core reason that brings positivity. Here are some tips to follow-

1. Go in for a house that has its sloping areas far away from the structure because it brings negativity.
2. Buying a house on the backyard will be the same experience hence refrain from my negative energy. 
3. Avoid buying a house near dead street. It brings  in negative force and it can harm you also.

#2. Interior Structure:
Lay emphasis to a good flow of energy and that's why you should opt for large windows and doors that reflects energy. According to Fengshui, houses with gardens, park and open must be preferredAvoid houses that have stairs pointing directly at the front door.

#3. Positioning Of The Rooms:
Don't buy houses that have bathrooms located in Central areas. Always avoid bathrooms facing over the kitchen or dining area.

#4. When Buying An Old House:
Always find who was the previous owner and do enquire about the reason they left the home. Any negative incident like accident and deaths bring in negative energy and that's why these houses shouldn't be purchased.  

Hope, this post helps the new couples! 

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