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Steal 5 Elements From Pinterest To Spruce Up Your Space This Diwali!


They say Devil lies in the details and I couldn't agree more after going through myriad if Pins for home decor inspiration this Diwali. My mother has always tried to decorate and do our house in the best ethnic way possible that reflected our bohemian lifestyle (transferring every 2 years) and still keeping up with the Military traditions like the sword, the medals, the luxurious carpets and more. Nevertheless, I saved a lot many Pins on Pinterest on some must have elements for those who want to add a touch of tradition and yet channel the modern, clean vibes. 

#1 Who isn't aware of the Good Earth magic? But I love how this copper tea kettle adds a rustic charm and yet looks so much fun with pink flowers and stacked books. Perfect for a corner or a centerpiece, isn't it?

#2 I love the elegance of the antique brass kundas with single stems of Dahlias tucked into them. Such an old school or rather traditional way of doing festive decor at home.

#3 How about using a large round iron tea tray as the centerpiece in your living room? This adds colour and ethnic elegance that creates perfect festive vibes!

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#4 Using chai glasses with roses in them to elevate your decor game! This I think is a really inexpensive way to add glam to your center table decoration.

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#5 Add quirky fun prints to your Diwali decoration. Start it with a hand painted ceramic plate maybe?

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