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Here’s Why REGALIA Power Backup System From Luminous Is Your Best Bet This Summers!


With mercury levels soaring high day-by-day, it’s become imperative to invest in technology that comes packed with innovation aimed to upgrade our lifestyle. Honestly for me, the best way to combat the usual summer problems including the appalling power cuts has been to bank on the smartest and most influential power back up system from Luminous Power Technologies. The company’s latest inverter – REGALIA also happens to be India’s first wall mounted power back up system that sports a design which suits the modern aesthetics- this one is an absolute winner both in terms of its specifications and looks!

Being a home décor aficionado, I am very particular about what goes up on my wall and I have to admit that Luminous REGALIA comes with such an elegant design that blends in flawlessly with my house and its décor. Regalia comes with the Lithium ion technology just like our mobile phones that is aimed to change the power back up systems in India and is environment friendly as well.  It is safe to use, is solar ready, looks stylish and boasts of an everlasting battery.

Another reason why we prefer REGALIA power backup system over the traditional invertors is because it’s compact and is maintenance free at the same time. You just need to fit it and forget about it for its battery lifespan goes up to 10 years. Just incase you are wondering on the charging bit, then you will be happy to know that this system can be easily charged with regular mains or with solar panels that takes about 2-3 hours to get charged fully. Hence, you get best of both worlds!

Since Regalia has no open wires or terminals, it also eliminates the risk of accidental contact with electrical points thus making it child safe. It is also a great bet for your electrical appliances that often get damaged owing to excess voltage fluctuation in summers. This one protects our appliances by blocking voltage surges and short circuits through its in-built safety mechanisms.

And just incase I missed sharing Regalia is also SMART technology to invest in. You can connect it over the wifi and access your power information on any connected mobile device. From accessing and controlling the power back up information to diagnosing any problem- there is a lot that you can explore through your smart phones. I love it for I use the touch screen to view backup time, charging time or for configuration without any technical support at home J

With Regalia you can take charge of your power systems at home and bid goodbye to long power cuts this summer. Do invest in this smart gadget from Lumimous power technologies and you can also access more information on the brand here 

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