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“The Ugliness Of Our Divorce Says It All” Says Indian Actress Lissy Lakshmi!


Director Priyadarshan and Malayalam Actress Lissy Lakshmi ended their 26 year marriage. She called it quits mutually. The actress is relived the divorce has finally come through. In  an interview with IANS she said:
"My marriage with Priyadarshan officially ended today. We both have signed the final papers at the Family Court in Chennai. This has been a real ordeal. In recent times, all celebrity divorces, from Hrithik (Roshan) and Sussanne to Dilip and Manju (Warrier) to most recently Amala (Paul) and Vijay all have been mutually agreed divorces. I am sure it also must have been painful to those couples but whatever differences they may have had, they all decided to respect each other." 

She added further,"It was a fierce and uncivilized battle on and off the courts until a compromise was reached at the Madras High Court. Perhaps the ugliness of our divorce proceedings says all about the kind of marriage we have had. Anyway, I feel relieved now."
We wish them all the best for their future. 

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