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#WeddingPlanning: 7 Useful Tips For The Working Bride-To-Be!


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When you are all set to tie the knot, there are lots of things that take up your mind and turns you into a Bridezilla (God saves you, if you are a working bride-to-be). The six months alone will take you to a roller-coaster ride full of emotions and planning. You will be running, running and running in between your work, family and wedding. Yeah, weddings are just a 3 day affair, but to make it memorable, it takes lots of efforts and pain.
So, #Wedstreetstyle team thought to save you from the pain and make your life less complicated. Here are our tips and tricks to make you calm and plan your wedding with ease. 

#1 Time is the key
If you plan everything in time, you will never regret and nothing will be left behind. So, it’s best that you smartly plan your schedule, make sure you plan the dates and venue in advance. And plan your duties accordingly in the followed months.

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#2 Please! Inform your Bosses
Most of us do this big mistake of not telling the wedding dates at the office. But, the best way to manage things between work and wedding planning is to inform your boss and colleagues, once the dates are fixed. So, that you get to manages things, and your work leaves and honeymoon leaves will be planned before.
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#3 Make a Checklist
Go old school way, pick a pen and a paper, and write it out! Make a list of all the things you have to do, plan and no need of hurting your mind. Just go with the flow, write what you remember and keep on adding things to the list. This way you will know what all is left and what you need to sort.

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#4 Plan out your meetings
Do not exhaust yourself by planning meetings, every day after work. You will get confused and won’t know what to do. Instead plan strategically and then go schedule your meetings, stay on touch with your wedding vendors over text or call. View their work on Instagram. Make your schedule less hectic.

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#5 Ask for help!
You think you are a super bride, NO, you aren’t. So, don’t think that you can do everything alone, ask for help. Delegate the duties to everyone in the house and your best friends too. This way it will be lot easier to achieve tasks on time and everyone will be excited and involved. You can even go for the professional wedding planner also.

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#6 Don’t forget Makeup Trials
In midst of running around between your work and shaddi arrangements, do not forget to book a makeup artist and to fix the trial appointment. Most of the working bride-to-be, avoid makeup trials because of shortage of time. But don’t do that. You need to make a relationship between your MUA, so that they know and understand what you want.

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#7 Take some time out!
We know you have lots of things to manage. But please don’t forget to enjoy the process. You need to take some time out for yourself, to digest the fact that you are finally tying the knot. Take a weekend off from work and wedding planning, and just go out with your family and friends. Discuss your emotions with them, tell your doubts and have a good time.

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