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4 Amazing Tips To Help You Nail The *Coordinated Dressing*


Dear soon to be brides and grooms,
Here is a style advice from #Wedstreetstyle to all of you for your big day. Stay coordinated! Yes, while you may think it's silly and not your type. But years later you will love it. As it will not only make you look well coordinated and in sync, but also make your pictures look amazing to show your grandchildren (who will learn from you). Also, the way you two dress up will help you complimenting one another. So, here are 4 super amazing tips to help you nail the couple dressing. Get ready and set some #CoupleGoals!

#1 Don't go for a Match-Match

It's not a school's fancy dress competition, it's your wedding remember  the difference. So, exactly matching clothes is a stupidity. Don't go for matching rather and some details. Like if your partner is going for a mint blue lehenga coordinate with her by selecting a mint green dupatta over your gold sherwani.

#2 Detailing

Who said you need to coordinate everything, just keep eye on little details and you will set the right #CoupleGoals, Mix and match with his tie and your dupatta colour or the prints of your saree. So, for those who don't  want to go all coordinated, this is the best trick to compliment each other and no one over powers the other.

#3 The right colour

If you are going for colour coordination, remember it doesn't mean you have to go for matching colours like a red lehenga with red sherwani. You can look in sync by just choosing the playing with the contrasting colour that looks amazing. The classic combination white and black never goes out and even pink and blue. 

#4 Discuss!

You might call your fiance hundred times in a day for random stuff, take some time out and have a talk about the clothes, what you are going to wear and how you want the whole event to turn out for you both. Know your partner's choice and remember to convince him/her to get in sync. This is the best way to get more excited to see your man-to-be on stage.

P.s: Dear Grooms-to-be, don't go on shopping before your fiance finalize her wedding lehenga. 

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