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5 Super Cute Ways To Make This Diwali *Special* For Others!


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Diwali is just around the corner, and while you already had made your plans of partying all night and celebrating it with your family. We thought why not make a little change of plan in this super hit way we always celebrate this day. Why not make someone else happy this year because everyone is not as privileged as you. So, here are 5 Super cute ways to make this Diwali special for others around you and spread happiness. 
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#1 Be a Santa Claus!

Just take a look around the streets while you return from Diwali shopping, you will find so many children who are begging and selling balloons on street, they know nothing about Diwali, they had only seen from far the joy of bursting crackers, dressing up in new clothes and gifts. Why not make them happy, why not become a Santa Claus and Diwali and give them gifts and happiness. You can even donate your clothes to them or why not buy something new. 

#2 Not everyone has a HOLIDAY!

Remember the working class who don't have a holiday like you on this big day like your watchman, delivery boys and everyone else who can't take a leave. Celebrate this Diwali with them, make them happy and let them know you value their efforts. It doesn't take much, after all Diwali is celebrated with all and not just your closed ones.
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#3 Fireworks for underprivileged

Not all are born with the silver spoon, there are many who only can sell the crackers but can't buy one for  themselves. This Diwali, organize a special firework session in your community and let them enjoy on this day. The smile you will see on their face will lighten your heart and soul.

#4 Sweets!

This day is just incomplete without sweets, so distribute sweets to everyone you meet irrespective of what they do and by this we mean share the sweets from your domestic help to the driver bhaiya or the rickshawala. 

#5 Spend your morning at Orphanage or old age home!

This Diwali, why not celebrate happiness with those  who have no one, offer decorating an orphanage or old age home. If you can spend some time with them and have breakfast with them, they will love it and you will get to know another aspect of life. 
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