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5 Tips To Keep Karva Chauth Fast For Newlywed Working Women!


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Karva Chauth is just around the corner, while you all might be eagerly waiting for it, there are some newlyweds who are getting shivers at the thought of keeping fast all day (that too while working). Well, it's not easy, believe us! We know how difficult it is to keep a fast all day long, and managing office work and fast is a challenge in itself. But. don't worry, here are 5 tips to keep your Karva Chauth fast without any stress. Read on girls!

#1 Sargi

Remember, no matter what, set an alarm, wake up early and eat your sargi properly. It will keep you sane all day long while you fast. Also, remember not to stuff up yourself with every possible thing. Try and have as many nuts as possible. Lookout for food rich in protein, that will keep you full for long. And avoid fatty food, it will make you hungry soon and also you will have that constant urge of drinking water. So, eat wisely!

#2 Don't overload yourself

We know you are a working women and for a fast you won't get an off from office. But, please do not over exert yourself on this day. Your boss and co-workers will understand. Take a little rest on this day to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

#3 Stop Thinking about Food!

Yes, when you feel hungry or thirsty, just change your thought and think about how you are going to dress up yourself for your man on  this big day. Look out for ideas and ways to look awesome on your first Karva Chauth.

#4 Distract Yourself!

Ok, while you are at work, distract your mind, don't think much about your fast. Don't think how hungry you are as it will make you more hungry. Listen to music, or watch an interesting video, in short distract yourself. 

#5 Never open your fast with fried foods

Once you open you fast remember not to over eat. Make sure you eat something that's healthy and not fried food. Also, make sure not to drink coffee or tea once you open the fast. Always open your fast with water and fresh juice. 

Happy Karva Chauth! 

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