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7 Mistakes Most Brides Make While Choosing Their Bridal Outfit!


In midst of finding the best lehenga, we crush on every single design we see, and then there are some we just can't get over. And want the same design and cut for our big day to look prettiest of all. But you don't realize it now, you are falling into the trap of biggest styling mistakes. So, scroll down as we tell you how to avoid them.

#1 Selecting an outfit just because you love the colour of the skirt! 

Wrong move, Dear! You are finalizing the outfit just because you love the fuchsia pink of the skirt is a wrong move, there are other parameters as well to look your best in the lehenga of your dream. Take notice on how the fabric looks on you, because a colour that's appealing but doesn't looks good on your body type is of no use. Also, keep the blouse colour in mind. 
#2 Do pay attention to the blouse!

For those who still don't know the fact, here is a reality check, you are going to click mostly from the up, which includes the blouse more. So, do keep the colour and embroidery of the blouse in mind, whether it suits you or not. 

#3 Taking two dupattas  just because they are In-Trend!

Here is a thing you all need to know, all lehengas doesn't require two dupatta. And just because they are in trend don't opt for one. And if you are confused whether you should take the second dupatta or not,  know it here!

#4 Selecting a lehenga out of your budget

We know the more expensive the lehenga is, the more beautiful it is, after all designer wears are specially designed for the bride in you. But, selecting that's something out of your budget for just wearing once, is a wrong choice. So, our advice is stick to your budget and don't look out for a designer lehenga in the first place, as everything you try after it won't charm you.
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#5 Buying jewellery after the lehenga

The key to coordinate your jewellery with the wedding wear is by selecting the jewellery first, and then going on the search to find your dream lehenga. As jewellery is more expensive than your lehenga and if you buy it first, you can look out for a certain colour palette to look for.

#6 Saying no to velvet!

It's another mistake saying no to velvet just because you think it will make you look fat. That;s not the case, in face velvet lehengas are in trend for the winter brides, as they save you from the cold weather outside. Plus, it has a royal charm in it.

#7 Not paying attention to the inner facing of the dupatta!

If you know the inner facing of the dupatta will make you look more beautiful, and it's important as when you put it on your head, the inner facing will show in the pictures, Sometimes selecting a dark inner facing can end up making you look dull or steal away the radiance of your face as its the colour closest to your face.
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So, Dear brides-to-be avoid these mistakes on your wedding day!

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