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OMG! Priyanka Jagga Kisses Manu Punjabi in Bigg Boss 10


Priyanka Jagga Muse is back in the Bigg Boss 10 house which means we will now be seeing ample of drama and fights in the house .We have seen how Priyanka has not been too fond of Mona and her closeness to both Manveer and especially Manu. But in a strange turn of events, Priyanka ended up kissing Manu Punjabi on the shoulder “accidentally”. OMG!
When this incident happened, Manu jsut "rolled his eyes" and went to complain about it to his friends Monalisa and Manveer. They told him to stay away from Priyanka and warned him about her antics. Manu, in turn, went and told Priyanka off and called her out for kissing him. He even went on to say that since Priyanka is a mother of two, such behaviour is unacceptable by her. Priyanka however maintained that her lips must’ve accidentally brushed against his shoulder and that she’s never had any interest or intention of kissing him.

My Oh My! What is Priyanka upto???

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