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3 Fab Tips For The Morning Bride To Ensure Long Lasting Makeup All Through The Day!


Dear brides-to-be,
If you are tying the knot in day time, and scared how to have a long lasting makeup that lasts you all through the day. Then read on as we have found 3 fab tips to make you a dotting bride all through the day. Scroll down and save the link!

#1 Get, set, go with the face packs!
If you are getting married in day, and scared of sweating a lot. Then  you must try face packs to get the glow and close the pores. So, that you don't sweat much. Get a face pack that suits you best and recommended by your beautician, apply it at least half an hour before you go for your bridal makeup. You can even try out homemade face packs that will give the right instant glow to your face.

#2 Ice is always right!
Another great way to get long lasting makeup is by rubbing ice just few minutes before your makeup artist starts dolling you up for your wedding. It will close your pores and prevent smudging of makeup, also the ice will make your smooth and the makeup is easily applied. 

#3 Stick to the basics!
Remember no matter what you should always stick to your waterproof eye makeup from kohl to eyeliner to mascara. Avoid lip gloss for your day time marriage and go for matte or waterproof lipsticks as lip glosses easily gets smudge. Also make sure your makeup artist fix your makeup by applying a good quality makeup fixer.

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  1. Thank you for the amazing review! As a girl who follows trends, I appreciated your advice and photos. By the way you have amazingly beautiful hair! Don't you want to make a post as you take care after them? :)

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