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Dos & Don'ts Of Perfect Bridal Hair According To Your Face Shape!


Dear brides-to-be, moms. sister and friends of the brides,
With wedding season on full swing, and your dress for the day finally selected, you might be now confused on how to style your hair to look your best. While you  are  drooling over those pretty Pinterest hairdos and following every account on Instagram for the best hairstyle ideas. We tell you one key to have perfect wedding hair is considering your  face shape. 
Yes, not all hairstyles suits every face shape, maybe the curls your cousin looked so gorgeous in won't look good on you. Especially when it comes to wedding hair, some faces carry everything so well, while on others it falls flat and dull. So, #Wedstreetstyle team brings you do's and don'ts of Bridal Hair that's best for your face type.

#1 Round Face Beauty!
For those who are blessed with the round face shape knows how difficult it is to choose a hairstyle without looking plum. Here is how you can have the best wedding hairdos.
  • If you have a round face, make sure you create texture and bounce so that your face looks slim and it breaks up the shape.
  • Opt for low loose up-do, with tresses coming out and falling on your face. It can take away the roundness of your face.
  • Opt for puffs if you carrying the dupatta on your head or else your face will look chubby.
  • If you want to let your hair down, opt  for wavy straight hair.
  • Make sure you don't opt for flat and tight hairstyles as it will make your face look chubby.
  • Don't opt for super straight flat hairstyles as it will make your face look more round.
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#2 Oval Face Lovelies!
The best example of oval face lovelies are Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor. When it comes to hairstyles oval and round face can pull more or less same styles. But yes, if you have oval face you are lucky as you can carry almost every hairstyle so well.
  • If you have a really long face, opt for fringes that will help you break the length.
  • Don't pick a hairstyle which add on to your height, as it will make your face look really long. So, no puffs for you, darling!
  • Don't opt for center parting as it will highlight the longest part of your face, which is not at all good, so always go for side parting.
  • Opt for waves or curls rather than straight hair as it will make your face look more long.

#3 Square Face Hotties!
Kareena Kapoor is one name that comes to our mind when we think about square face hotties. It is considered to be the best face shape and envied of all.
  • You need to add softness to your square face, and you can do this by waves or curls.
  • A side parting is always the right choice for you as it helps breaking down the width of your face.
  • Never opt for a tight high bun as it will not look flattering.
  • Also, center  parting doesn't works well for you as it makes the jawline look very prominent.

#4 Heart Face Cuties!
No one looks more cute than Alia Bhatt, and hence she is the right example of Heart face shape. This shape is considered to be the most simplest when styling the hair comes in.
  • All fringes works best for you as it helps balance out the jawline.
  • Leave some soft loose curls around  the face as it will accentuate your face shape.
  • No don't for you, as you are the lucky one who can try anything and everything without much tension of looking unflattering.
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#5 Diamond Face Gorgeous!
Malaika Arora and Nargis Fakhri are the best example of diamond face shape a little bit mix of square and heart face shapes. And your cheekbones are one to die for. 
  • Voluminous wavy hairstyle like Malaika works best for the diamond face shape. As it accentuate the cheekbones and balance out the jawline.
  • Leave your hair loose at the back as it looks more pretty on you than tying your hair at the back.
  • Don't wear all your hair tightly on the top as it's not a great look for wedding.

So, what's your style for the next wedding!

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