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Find Out How Salman Khan Reacted To Rohan Mehra And Om Swami’s Slap Incident!


This week of Bigg Boss 10 was dramatic and entertaining. In the last episode we saw Om Swami crossing all the limits in the show during Captaincy task making Rohan loosing his cool and pushing Om Swami strongly. As a punishment, Bigg Boss nominated Rohan for the entire season. Now, Salman Khan reacted on this incident. According to the BOC reports, Salman will not react on this matter but he will handle the situation in a calm way.

Salamn will make Rohan understand that Om Swami tries to instigate each contestant in the house and that it’s always good to not react to him . He will also slam Om Swami for his wrong behavior during the captaincy tasks. The housemates will be seen complaining about Om swami’s attack on Rohan during the toofan task on which Salman questions them as to why they did not put him in the jail for the same.

Well said Salman, we agree with you! We can't wait for the episode. 

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