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Bigg Boss 10: Find Out Who Will Win The Dhaba Task In Today's Episode


In today's episode Bigg Boss will complete 100 days and the housemates will get a treat from Bigg Boss. As part of the Dhaba task, the contestants are informed that if they want to eat some delicious food then they have to cook some food. Based on their performance, they will get a treat. The team is divided into two Bani Manu, and Lopa Rohan. In two rounds, they make tasty food and for the third round, they are asked to cook a sweet dish.  When Lopa and Bani go to the store room to pick up ingredients, they find only one packet of sugar, which Bani take. Lopa has left with no other option so she has to pick Chocolate Sauce and syrup. She decides to cook chocolate sauce halwa which was not delicious as the proportions of the ingredients go wrong.  
When she gives the Halwa to Manveer to taste he makes weird face and calls it zeher. She feels so embarrassed and disappointed. She loses out to Bani. 

We can't wait for today's episode!! 

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