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Style Tips On How To Dry Your Hair Faster In Winters!


In the summers, we face no such problem in drying our hair faster, the sun does his job within 6 minutes. But in winters, there is just another story, and when we are getting late for work or college the wet hair makes everything so uncomfortable. Leaving home with wet hair can actually make us ill, and sometimes is the reason for the increase in hair fall. So, hang on before you leave for work in wet hair, start scrolling as we tell you tips to dry your hair faster in winters.

#1 Wring it up!
Once you wash your hair, remember to slowly wring off your hair to get rid of moisture and excess water. It's a great way to blow dry your hair super fast.

#2 Towel Dry!
Remember girls, don't ever dry your hair in fury with a towel. You will damage your hair cuticles and it will result in more hair fall, which we are sure you don't want. Always to stick too stop soft towels that easily dry up your hair and saves your time. 

#3 Hair Spray!
Use a light hair spray that has alcohol in it. This trick will help dry your hair faster. And also adds texture to your hair. 

#4 Right Brush!
Don't ever blow dry your hair using your fingers instead invest in a good quality brush and blow dry your hair while brushing your hair. It will help pass on the air.

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