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Wonderful Beauty Hack For All The Dry Shampoo Lovers To Keep Your Hair Shiny!


For all those Dry Shampoo lovers, we know you just can't live without it, after all dry shampoos are savior on those bad hair day. But we all know too much off everything, ends up making things worse. Hence, skipping your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, can make your scalp dry which will result in more hair fall. So, to avoid it, conditioners and exfoliation comes in, yes your head too needs exfoliation just like your skin.

Here is a quick hack to exfoliate your hair!

DIY Scalp Exfoliate Hack
By adding some sugar to your shampoo before you wash your hair, can help remove the dead cells from your scalp. It's a natural DIY beauty hack, that surely works for all the hair types. And the best part is, it easily dissolves and rinse out of the hair without leaving any residue. This hack will not only help removing the dead skin but will also help keeping your hair moisturized. Remember do not over do scalp exfoliation as it will disturb the flow of natural oil in your hair.

If you know any beauty hacks, do share it  with us in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful post.Really outstanding post.I really like your way of writing.You are such great author and also very glad to be here.I am actually looking for this one.Because my busy schedule i have no time for caring my hair.The heir become tacky.I use shampoo in weekend but it makes me so dry.It is an extremely new tip for me to add adding some sugar to my shampoo before my washing hair.I will definitely try the method.

  2. Sure most of the women’s has facing this problem even men’s too. I appreciate your effort on sharing this post.

  3. My hair is extremely dry and I am actually wondering what's causing it to be that way. I wash my hair regularly and I also don't expose it in sunlight for too long, actually for the whole day I'm just inside the office so sun damage probably isn't the cause. I have tried a lot of products lately but none of them seems to work, I even tried to use some natural products such as egg whites but it also did not make any difference.