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7 New & Cute Ideas From The West You Need To Add In Your Wedding!


Wedding is the only big celebration that has evolved with time, from being just bride & groom in the wedding, couples had turned themselves into wedding planners and everything else to make their big day memorable. And the best part about wedding in India is that we always look out for trying and adding new things in our ritual. Hence, we thought to give you a little more inspiration from around the world, and make your wedding a beautiful affair. 

#1 Cake for the groom!
It's his special day too, so why not make him feel special with a cake sent to him before he gets ready with the baraat. Also, don't forget the send a cutesy note with it. 

#2 Wedding favours for all!
Don't forget a little token of love to be distributed among the guest. They will love the idea and your creative  gift will be a hit and talk of the town!

#3 Beautiful wedding backdrop!
A wedding backdrop will make your wedding a hit! We love pretty natural setup for a day wedding and for a night time wedding you can always trust a backdrop with an amazing love quote!

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#4 Sit down Dinner for all!
The one problem I had seen in Indian wedding is less sitting space where the whole family can get together and enjoy the dinner. We should definitely add the sit down dinner for all setup in our weddings.

#5 Calling in your Pooch!
Don't leave your pooches behind, get a supervision for them and let them too attend the wedding, dress them up and you are set for happy family pictures.

#6 Wedding speeches!
A great way to know what your family is thinking at the moment, it will be fun and will create a fun environment for the entire family.

#7 Fairy lights everywhere!
Fairy lights have the tendency of creating a rustic scene all over, and Indian wedding should definitely create a space full of the fairy lights.

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