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All Set For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot! Wait & Ask These 7 Important Questions To Your Photographer!!


Pre-wedding shoots have become another important function for bride & groom, after all this is the only time when you get to capture your true love in the most purest form. We really love the concept of Pre-wedding shoots. They brings the couple more close before the wedding and helps us know each other in a better way. However, if you are struggling to decide what to wear, you need to check out expert tips from Team Guiltybytes Here. Anyways, once you finalize the pre-wedding shoot venue, and finalize your wedding photographer. Go on and meet them in person and do ask these important questions before heading out for the shoot.

-The Theme for The Pre-Wedding Shoot!
Girls remember, it's important to have  clarity and opinions from the expert. So, do ask them what he/she can recommend for the pre-wedding shoot. It's the most important time of your life that will be captured for your entire life. Make it worth it.

-Will He/She will create a Pre-wedding shoot video!
There are some people who prefer still photography more over video. So, depending upon your preference do ask your photographer whether he can deliver both. And always choose the one that specializes in both still and video.

-Do check out their work!
Don't forget to check out their previous work, as it will give you clarity about his/her expertise. And whether he can help make your pre-wedding shoot a magical affair.

- Location!
We are sure you must have selected some locations, but do ask your photographer about the location, Since they know better according to lighting conditions and all. As you cannot have your shoot planner at Taj Mahal in a hot weather. 

-Makeup & Outfit Ideas!
Photographers know how to turn an ordinary shoot into an extraordinary one. So, do ask them what he can suggest in regard of makeup and outfit. If you are planning to do a theme photoshoot, do ask him/her about what they can recomment.

-Backup Plan!
At times, we think something else, and because of some events, we cannot capture what we had thought earlier. So, do ask him/her if they have any backup plan, if not please plan one ASAP. 

-Overall Fees & Over time rate!
Do ask your photographer about the overall fees. As many photographer charge overtime fees as well, And get the money matter solve before hand.

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