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Getting Ready For Pre-Wedding Shoot? Wait & Check Out 3 Things You All Need To Learn From The West!


The revolutionizing concept of Pre-Wedding Shoot, actually came from the West. It's a sweet way to celebrate love just before you get married and tell the world how madly you are in love. In past few years we have seen beautiful pre-wedding shoot ideas, with prettiest decor and lighting and outfits. But still there is lot of we still need to learn to get best of our pre-wedding shoots. So, to help you out #Wedstreetstyle team brings you 7 important lessons from the West you can learn!

#1 Add more natural light!
To give your pictures more natural feel, we advise you to add more and more natural light then artificial studio lights. The best time for these kind of shoot is early in the morning.

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#2 Don't overdo your accessories!
Girls, this is specially for you, don't overboard yourself with tons of accessory. One statement accessory is enough. Dress elegant and effortless, let your picture speak for itself and not the outfit. Keep your outfit flowy, flirty and lacy.

#3 Solid colours!

We advise you to strictly say no to prints, checks and to many colours in one outfit. Always look for a flowy monochrome dress. 

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