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5 Natural and Amazing Ways to Get Rid Of Pimples Over Night !


So many times it's happened that right before a big event or function my face gets a huge pimple and it is very very annoying, Am sure a lot of you have experienced this.So here I am listing 5 simple ways that would make a pimple go away or at least reduce the size of it considerably.

  • Honey : Best thing to do is to apply raw honey on the pimple using a Qtip and then cover it up with a band aid and sleep off, wash off the next morning and see a massive difference.This is my favourite method and works amazingly well for me .
  • Cinnamon : Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 1 teaspoon of honey ,make a paste and apply it to the effected area where you have pimples.Wash it off next morning.
  • Egg White : Egg white is known for drying out pimples quickly and which in turn fastens the process. Apply a small amount of egg white on the pimple and wash out using warm water the next morning .
  • Mint Leaves : Prepare a solution by boiling the mint leaves ,apply this to  your effected area with a cotton pad , it'll destroy all the bacteria and quickly make it go away.Wash it off next morning .
  • Lemon Juice : Take some lemon juice and dab very little amount on the pimple ,Leave it on for few hours and then wash off.You can do it twice a day as well.No need to sleep with it on your face ,just keep it for about 2 hours ,This method is not recommended for Sensitive Skin .

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