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This Journalist Instagrammed Mumbai Taxi Ceilings And We Are In Love!



In the world full of Olas and Uber, when a ride is just a click away, we stumbled upon this Mumbai Journalist work that took our heart away, and made us re-think how artistic the world is. You might be wondering what we are talking about. Well, get ready to see a world full of art, as we unveil  the work of this Mumbai-based Journalist Rachel Lopez, who documents black yellow Taxi's ceilings and made us go wow. 

#1 A lesser-known cherry-blossom-viewing spot inside the Mumbai taxi.

#2 Something simple after Sunday's floral shock. We wonder if they make PJs in this print?

#3 No matter which route this Mumbai Taxi takes, it will pass through Amsterdam!

#4 A Picnic In The Sky! We Love this crazy arrangement of snacks, drinks and dessert inside Mumbai Taxi.

#5 Love this floral honeycomb ceiling! An absolute contrast to Mumbai's chaotic traffic.

#6 If you're lucky, your Mumbai Taxi will give you horns bigger than Maleficent's.

#7 A Mumbai Taxi ceiling that reminds us that life is full of ups and downs.

#8 A fancy floral Sudoku! Looks like Mumbai Taxi Ceilings never tends to disappoint!

#9  Blue zebra print another lovely ceiling  inside a Mumbai taxi!

#10 If you connect the dots, you'll find that Mumbai Taxi ceiling art can be incredibly fun!

Check out her complete Mumbai Taxi Ceiling art here!

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