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WeddingBytes Reveal: Know How Much You Should Spend On Your Wedding Lehenga!


Accept it girls, wedding lehengas are an expensive affair. And no matter how many designers you visit or Chandni Chowk trips you take, you won't get a lehenga in under less than INR 25,000. And that too in not a great quality, and if you are one of those designer label lovers then get ready to spend Lakhs on it. But it all depends on you, how much you want to spend on an outfit for your most significant day of your life. Scroll down as Team #WeddingBytes reveals how much you should actually should spend on shaadi ka lehenga and some pro tips to do it right!

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#1 Keep your Preference Straight!
Yes, you should do a thorough search, and should know what your preference is and get it straight. Are you one of those designer lovers or are ready to explore the wedding gems like Chandni Chowk and Lajpat Nagar.

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#2 Designer lovers get ready to spend Lakhs!
If you are eyeing on that pretty outfit from Manish Malhotra collection or that Royal look from Sabyasachi, be prepared to spend big bucks on it. As they are not easy to get hold off. Designer lehenga starts from minimum 2-4Lakhs.

#3 Or trust the upcoming young designers & boutique!
You can even trust the upcoming designers or little boutiques that can do wonders to your wedding day outfit. And most of the young brides prefer them. They start from 50K and can get upto Lakhs. Shahpur Jat is a hub of the budding and known designers and boutiques.

#4 Explore the wedding gems!
Before you say yes to any dress, remember to plan a visit at Chandni Chowk and other well known wedding markets, who knows you might get your dress from these shops without spending huge bucks.

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#5 Know which work you want!
Also, remember to know which work you prefer, whether you are OK with the machine work or you want the magic of hand woven embroideries on your lehenga. As you pay for the work!

#6 Heavy work or light!
You also need to make your work preference straight, cost with increase with the work, heavier the work, more cost it will be.

#7 Will you reuse it!
And here comes the most important factor, will you ever re-use your wedding lehenga, is it worth spending the huge bucks on. 

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