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Brides-To-Be! Here Is A List Of 5 Things You Often Forget On The Morning Of Your Wedding Day


Wedding are one of the most hectic day. We are running all day long from one ceremony to other to getting ready for the parlor appointment and then finally for the night. And the level of anxiety and nervousness is on the peak. And we tend to forget so many things, so Team Weddingbytes had made a list of 5 things that no bride should skip at the morning of her wedding. Scroll down and save these tips now!

#1 Having a good breakfast!
With so many rituals on the morning of the wedding, our bride often don't feel like eating or they are so exciting or  nervous that they skip their breakfast or any other meal. But, dear girls, its really important for you to eat properly. 
#2 Make a list of your priority!
No matter you are organizing your wedding on your own or not, but you should definitely make a list of things that you need to do at the morning of your wedding. So, that you don't forget anything. Start your day early and plan in advance, reconfirm your parlor appointment and reach there on time.
#3 Assign your sister or someone for your wedding outfit!
At the morning of your wedding, you will be busy with the pre-wedding ceremonies like haldi, or choodha, and in midst of this, there won't be anyone to take care of your wedding outfit. So, make sure you assign someone close to you to get all your bridal wear things out and packed perfectly.
#4 Charge your phone
No matter what, you should always carry your phone, in your hand. And also, make sure your phone battery is charged properly.
#5 Drink lots of water!
No matter you are a winter bride, or summer bride, don't forget to drink lots of water. Stay hydrated to keep the glow. 

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