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Makeup Tips You Need To Know If You Wear Glasses !


The process of putting on makeup is one of my favourite things in the world. Shopping for products and putting them all on is a blast, and the end result is always fascinating and fun. However, having to cover up the end result with glasses can be discouraging. Your contour is covered up, your eyes don’t pop, and constantly having to push up your glasses and rubbing makeup off is a pain. But there’s no need to worry. Here are some makeup tips and tricks for the glasses-wearing gal. 

  • Glasses have a bad habit of casting dark shadows under your eyes, making your dark circles even worse. To fix this, apply a lighter foundation or concealer under your eyes and around your nose to prevent those dark shadows from causing too much trouble. 
  • Glasses are a great excuse to play with eye makeup. Since glasses add to and draw attention to your eyes (of course) stick with simple makeup and neutral and bright colors so the frames aren’t overpowered.

  • Also, feel free to experiment with eyeliner. This will really help define your eyes behind your glasses. Try and match the liner thickness to the thickness of your glasses frames to further complement your eyes.
  • When you wear glasses, your eyebrows are your best friend. If you have thinner frames, try and make your brows thicker, and if you have thicker frames, make them thinner, just to keep a balance. Use an eyebrow brush or spool to brush your eyebrows up and out. 
  • The key to wearing makeup with glasses is to keep everything simple. If your eye makeup is pretty bold, go with a light pink, neutral lip. However, if the rest of your makeup is simple, don’t be afraid to play with a bold lip. Everyone’s got to have that one pop of color! 

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