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Shaadi Gyan 101: Know The Significance Of Nath & Why It Is Important For A Bride!


Nath holds one of the major importance in a bride's solah shingar and an integral part of our culture. With change in time nath as evolved according to the preference and taste of a girl, it comes in all the beautiful design. But do you know apart from just an ornament, nath hold a much more deeper meaning in our religion. So, if you always wonder why nath is worn, know the story behind it.
Katha nath ki!
In Indian tradition, nath is a symbol of a married women. It is said that nath should be worn when a bride gets married and should wear till she dies. The nose piercing is one way to honour Hindu Goddess Ma Parvati. Women are prohibited to remove the naths once they are married. However, these days young girls do wear nath or nose studs as a fashion statement.
Interestingly, nath holds a scientific reason as well, which benefits our health. It is said that the left side of the nostril is associated with the reproductive organs of the females. So the piercing in this side of the nose makes the delivery or child birth easier. It also reduces the menstrual cramps every month.

No matter how true the story of nath is in India, it's one of the most beautiful part in our solah shringar and we all respect it.

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