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Brides! You Must Have These 3 Organic Makeup Product In Your Beauty Box For Every Day Use


Dear Brides-to-be,
If you are confused in what makeup products, you should invest in and you have no idea what will suit you and what will not. Then hang on as Team Weddingbytes bring you 3 products that will save your life and are perfect once you are married. Yes, and it's all organic, vegan, and not at all tested on animal. So, it will definitely suit your skin, and the best part their all products has multi-purpose. Scroll down as we tell you more about this Revolutionary brand that just landed to India. 

Paul Penders
For over 40 years Paul Penders is known for all natural cosmetics. They products are not tested on animals and are perfect for Indian skintones. They create amazing organic products for both men, women and babies. Their products had been developed from age old herb therapies and are mild yet effective.

Weddingbytes Recommends

#1 Paul Penders Natural Mascara!
Ok, this one product is perfect for every day use, once you enter the married life. It has multiple uses, you can use it on your eye brows to have the fuller look, and on the eyelashes, as a normal mascara. This mascara is light-weight and the best part it won't make your lashes hard. Plus, it comes out easily with water, so no need of rubbing it off, and crying later.
Paul Penders
#2 Natural Lipstick- Maple
First let me tell you all there lipsticks are handmade, which mean, every piece is specially made for you all. They are again organic which will not harm your lips, and have smooth texture. You can use their lipstick as a blush on, yes, that's right. Also, they are creamy which makes them easy to apply.
Paul Penders
#3 Special Care BB Cream
This one is the revolutionary product, we spotted in the amazing collection of Paul Penders makeup. And we believe everyone must own it. It's a 4 in 1 vegan special care BB cream, which moisturizes your skin, and works as a foundation plus bb cream. It's your go-to-every makeup thing that you can carry anywhere and any time.
Paul Penders
You can buy there products Here!

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