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Every 20s Something , These Are The Skincare Lessons You Need To Know !


 I love all things makeup related but when it came to skincare I still wasn't there. But thankfully through trial and error, along with a drive for clearer skin, I found my way and my skin is all the happier for it. Below are just a few of the skin care lessons I've learnt over the years that come with better skincare knowledge. I hope if you too are looking for brighter, healthier skin you can learn from these skincare tips! 

I'm sure we are all in agreement that face wipes really should never be called makeup wipes because they simply don't remove makeup all that well, especially before bed. But just in case we aren't, let me tell you how much my skin improved when I started ditching them more & more. Of course, I can't talk for all skin types but anyone with blemish-prone skin really should avoid face wipes for makeup removal at all costs, Because even a single night of sleeping with makeup residue on the skin can cause spots, both whiteheads and under the skin nasties, to appear overnight. Once getting to grips with using a cream cleanser to remove makeup and seeing it as the most important step in your skincare routine there should be no looking back. Starting off with a simple cream cleanser, but if you want to take it a step further, especially for blemish-prone skin types, double cleansing really will make skin truly happy.

For me, this was the start of a long road of weekly abrasive scrubbing at my skin with the thought that if I scrubbed hard enough maybe it removes all pores and blackheads in sight. Alas, it didn't but what years of over exfoliating with the harsh exfoliating product did do is leave me with teeny tiny broken veins on my nose and cheeks. Thankfully in the pursuit of better skin I've now found chemical exfoliants which gently dissolve dead skin cells without any damage to the skin. My favourite way is to apply a liquid exfoliating toner at night after cleansing to reap the rewards in the morning. 

For the longest time, I truly believed my oily skin required very little moisture if any at all! I must have picked up this notion in my teenage years, most likely from basic beauty columns, as I strongly believed it. This, of course, led to a flaky base for foundation, an uncomfortable tight feeling in my face at times and generally lacklustre looking skin for my age. When I did eventually try out any kind of face cream I went way too heavy with products that would just sit on the surface of the skin and cause blemishes and an even oilier T-zone. 

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