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BRIDES, Want Naturally Soft & Pink Lips ? Then These Methods Will Definitely Help You !


Every bride wants to have a beautiful skin before her wedding. Taking care of lips is again a very important aspect and shouldn't be ignored. We all want to flaunt pink and soft lips .

A lot of us suffer from dark and pigmented lips so here are 3 amazing remedies to get rid of that !

#1: ALMOND OIL : The properties and ingredients present in almond oil helps rejuvenate and smoothen the lips , Its sclerosant properties help to lighten the lips and reduce the pigmentation.
All you have to do is take a few drops of almond oil on your finger and gently massage your lips every night before you go to bed . Leave it over night .

#2 : HONEY + LEMON : This is a super amazing and perfect treatment for reducing the lip pigmentation and darkness . The citrus from the lemon removes the darkness and the honey gives amazing nourishment which help make the lips look gorgeous and pink .
Mix some lemon juice and honey and apply it generously all over your lips . Keep it for about an hour and then wipe off . You can easily do this at least twice a day !

#3 : BEETROOT : The betroot juice works really well to remove the darkness from the lips . It cleanses the lips and keep them looking soft and supple . All you have to do is take a slice of betroot and start scrubbing your lips with that slice for about 3-4 minutes and then let it be for a while . You can wash it after 20 minutes , Do this thrice a week !

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