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Girls, Know How To Prevent Makeup Meltdown !


It’s hard to keep up with your makeup in the summer, especially if it’s a scorcher…such as now! My theory is that when it gets too hot, makeup can go down a notch, and all you have to do is keep it simple! But of course a lot of us just can’t resist putting on a little blush and foundation because let’s face it no one wants to look all blotchy and uneven. So how can you prevent makeup meltdown during the summer?


For a fast fix, you can use an oil blotter to absorb the sweat where it shows without wrecking your makeup. This will ensure that all excess oil is absorbed and will hold you off for a while. Try not to dab too much as it can obviously remove your makeup after a while.
To prevent makeup meltdown from happening, rub on makeup primer as your skin lotion. It’ll smooth any creases on your face, and gel formulas will cool your skin on contact considerably, giving you a cool, fresh feeling when rubbed on. And of course this will wick away an oil you might have on.
The next step is to make your foundation work a little harder than it’s used to! The new whipped formulas go on super light but last all day, without settling into your pores and making you break out. Top it off with a light dusting powder that absorbs perspiration.

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