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He Was Born to Dance...!


College, Classes, friends, partying with friends didn't give him much happiness as much as being on stage, Dancing in-front of people did! He was an ordinary dancer but what helped him to stand out was the sense of 'peace' people observed on his face when he swayed with the music. There was something really remarkable about him, i don't know if it was the passion, technique or his commitment towards this form of art. The only time i remember seeing him dance was at Shaimak's summer show, he was good, something i'd remember of him on stage, all my life.

For some it's an obsession that just keeps growing on with time, after all that's what we get to see in all the TV shows, people coming from small cities with a single passion called 'Dance' etc etc.. But here i am talking about someone who never went for a TV audition, i m sure if he did, he would make it big, however, there were times he would rebel with everyone around just to prove his choreography right, but i guess that's how people with passion are, they don't follow, they begin to lead, in every field with time... I still think that for someone who loves to write, or read, or perhaps play a guitaar, or just listen to music and enjoy every bit of it is an artist in his own rights, yes with 's'!
Of-course for those who do nothing, they too exhibit these (undiscovered/hidden/not-put-efforts-into) artistic characteristics. But hey if you are one of those who spend alot of hours on play-stations, video games or social networking, trust me you are not wasted, you are the 'fun-indulging' artist, creating an entertainment art, but that does make you an artist!

So about this boy, he wasn't really tagged as a dancer by the world around him, but he sure forgot about all his projects, assessments, friends, issues, family, issues...and more when he moved with the rhythm of the music. I wanted to tell him to pick up formal training, but all that didn't happen. Today the words Light-Sound and Dance make him alive, every time. It's a familiar feeling, i feel alive too, maybe when i get to talk to the ones i love the most, or the one :D! I guess, to each it's own!
He isn't anyone big in the industry, but he is making his days big by performing whenever he gets a chance to do so, this makes me want to say that, we all should pursue that ONE thing we all really like to do. I know it's not easy making a career out of these unconventional hobbies but we can always try and be associated with them for as long as we want. I know of people who possess brilliant photography skills, but haven't taken it to another level, i know of others who click and put pictures on Facebook and seeing people hit 'Like' makes them the happiest. There are people who love to ride big beasts, go on trips, and they tell me they have ideas to do something about their adventurous journeys, well all i can say is go ahead, scribble your journey into notes, take pictures, shoot films do everything it takes to save all that you discover and make it worth remembering all your life, and while doing this who knows it may grow into something you always wanted to do!

The dancer too likes to send his pictures, he emails all of them to me. But what i want to share is the text of the email he sends everytime, it's been same for all the mails, it reads, "Don't know if i am born to do this, But i know this is what I really want to do Right now." And these words have been inspiring me always, so here i am working, writing, baking, meeting my friends, doing everything that i like to do,a-midst all this, I still think he was born to dance,!!!

Thank you Angad Singh, Your pictures truly deliver your passion, hope you continue dancing!
Photo Credits: Siddhartha Mukherjee

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