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Night Of Dreams...!


i remember my friend telling me about a night that she loves remembering, each time she tells me about it, its like i m hearing it for the first time. her lips move in a certain way, something full of passion and excitement when she starts by saying, "He did come over that night."
He drove out to her house, in the middle of the night, just because she told him that she wanted to be with him. she felt so very special.. they just laid on her bed, curled up together, talking....yeah talking..!!
she wasnt sure what they talked about, it was so long ago, but she does know that he made her feel special. he complimented her when she said negative things about herself, and just hearing it come from him actually made her believe it. he always had that affect on her...
After about an hour of talking, and laying there, he fell asleep. But she couldn't sleep, not with him right beside her. she never wanted to fall asleep, ever again, if it meant that she could stay there, beside him, just watching him. Watching him breathing, and watching the way his eyes would slightly move when he was dreaming, and the way his lips parted a bit. Everything amazed her.
And she never fell asleep that night. when he opened his eyes, the heart began to race again...only to realise it was time to depart bfefore the whole world wakes up...couldnt let him go...but couldnt wait for the sunshine either...the b'ful nite was over in the eyes,over with words, but not yet over with love... said goodbye...closed her eyes, dreamt of him again...wishin that tomorrow would be the same...!!! this was the night of dreams....
now i believe, dreams don't happen everyday.!

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