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Winter Love


Just when you begin to think how slow life becomes, you look outside the glass window and realize, DAYM winters are here..!!!
Suddenly those 5 rupees 'chai' from a panwari or a tea-stall begin to taste like the last peg of jack Daniel, really! smell of maggie noodles and mo-mo's are now things of everyone's usual winters.!
but the most unusual thing i learnt this winters is knowing an Army of people who not only get activated at 12 winter a.m but live through the cold night like they soak up the sun all through.
They are called the Party Poppers (not poopers). They pop out of their houses when you mention the word P-A-R-T-A-Y!!!! they are quiet but are spotted in big cars, yeah the beasts. WHAT really interesting about them is the fact that they all have a power, an influencing, encouraging power that encourages a non-party-holic to join they army!

One incident happened with the friend of mine, she comes clean, Non-alcoholic and sleeps at 10 pm, well she thought she knew it all until she met these young, well accomplished men who also loved to party. Being young and attractive herself,She got along well with them, She looked at them carefully, enjoyed in bits but was more intrigued to see the world around her. There were people in the state of trance, some in their bling-est ever, some being taken care off and another lot dancing like no one really watched them. she like the dancers lot. Her friend accompanied her, they danced together but she knew the Party Poppers were interested to know her. She danced, sat, observed, danced, drank a little but was, LOST after all. At every point of time in life, we all usually ask ourselves if we really belong to a particular space, a moment or a place. and that's exactly what she did. It wasn't a worst night, she just saw a different world together. They dropped her back home like true gentlemen, and yes they too had realized maybe she wasn't really 'into' the night. NEVERMIND, they told her they had fun. And when she got out of car, she took off her 4 inch heels holding them in her hands, she danced under the moonlight, she laughed like she was free and then she ran back to her house. The party Popper left with a smile, maybe because he saw her dance while reversing his car..!

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