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No i was not bored, i wanted to read 'the Brunch magazine' maybe because this week, as a part of my job, i spoke to a journalist in HT to pitch in some stories for the client i work for, ok this part of info is not required, the point here is that the journalist very clearly told me, "we have wrapped us this week's issue, wait till you have it in your hands." It's SUNDAY, it's valentines special issue and yes i was anticipating to read the cover story...and to my surprise it turned out to be one of the most exciting piece of articles i have ever read.!

Here i'll tell you why, it's because this week's issue talks about us, my generation, people aged 18-25 years, and yes we have been tagged as confused, baffled, flamboyant, Disconcerted but hey my favorite one has to be 'bewildered'! A survey conducted by the magazine states that pre-Martial sex is no longer a big deal in India, well that sounded progressive but wait the next survey did make me laugh. it goes like, our generation when indulging into big decisions of life like marriage, maximum people go in for a person their folks select..!!!! The writer quotes us to be confused in mind, maybe because all the survey they conducted were really confusing. But know what, ever since i have come to know of my friends, batch mates working, we all who knew in college what we wanted to become, unanimously crib to be clue-less at work..! This should sound comforting for all those who think they are the only ones trying to cope up with their professional lives. WE ARE ALL TOGETHER, EVEN IN OUR PROBLEMS!
However, 63% people expect their Husband/wife to be a virgin, now this is serious boss.! somewhere in between modernity and traditions, i guess we all have become too much of 'let-it-be' kinds in our heads. we all think it's cool to support homosexuality on Facebook, or some forum but hey honestly how much of us really do have a gay friend! and how many of us are ready to put up with them! well in the end we are all free to stand for whatever we believe. Sometimes i just feel we have been exposed to tooo many options in life, and we are just encircling around those choices, resulting we have all become 'the circle' and things that belong to us are at the center. Ok that's too much of geometry for now.!

Anyway, the fun part about being the bewildered gen-x is that we get along well with the oh-no-so-old generation and the younger people adore us.! Even if there has been too much of drinking, dancing, partying or sex, whichever way it sounds less acceptable, we have started to enjoy lives, ok we have lied at times, but we don't regret the share of fun we had.!

SO my friend came with another story, Once she had her girl friends over her place for a pajama party. (FYI pajamas are not mandatory here) They got a a really cheap bottle of alcohol from a 'Theka' (the beverage shop as u may put in sophistication). They were a bunch of pretty little girls dancing drunk all night long when one of the girl's boyfriend came over to see her. so the beautiful part of the night started here, when 4 friends sat in the boy friend's car zoomed all over the city...they were free, crazy and out of the sunroof top in the car. The man couldn't have felt more lucky than that, but he sure was a gentleman i heard. He let each one have her share of laughter and dropped them back respectfully, slowly hugging his girl friend to goodbyes. They all woke up happy and now i hear them laugh, "it's one of those days that you like to keep hidden in your diaries."
I am sure why...! till then let's hope the diary doesn't have too many peek-a-boos! :)

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