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Choosing between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now...!


Happy Valentine's day ya-all! Today, I was talking to my colleague at office as to how the concept of love, life, romance, gifts, money, happiness have become interdependent on each other, and to my surprise she agreed with almost everything I was trying to tell her.

So she gave me two new terms today that I will like to explain nicely on the blog. The first one is...Mr. Right (OK we girls have dreamt of him all our lives, isn't it?) and the second one is: Mr. Right Now (we have him, we don't, we sort of do, we like him and the rest is shhhhh..)

After brief discussions, I understood the difference between the two best pieces of pie in a girl's platter. Mr Right is ideologically the perfect prince in shining Armour! He is the hidden part of the boys we have been dating all these years, something like we all want our respective boyfriends/men to be like. The most likable aspect of Mr Right is the idea of his existence. He sounds like a custom made product that has been developed to cater to a woman's strict set of desires...perfect, isn't it? It doesn't stop here, he is someone we girls like to talk to, discuss our issues with like the hair,pimple, weight err, and some secret stuff! (I m sure you know what I am talking about).
But hey according to my colleague's explanation, 'Mr. Right Now' sounds all the more desirable. He is the clean, high end, tempting & good looking boy you are aware of. He drives big cars, doesn't really chase girls, (but makes you chase him) and is always ready to take you out for parties, dinners, coffees or dates! What makes him different is the fact that he can be too loving, make you feel all wanted and suddenly be a friend with a straight face the next moment. He is unpredictable, loving and makes you commit sins that leaves you with no regrets! (yes, all of those sins you just thought of in your head)

We all girls, at some point or the other have come across these two types for sure. We know Mr. Right, who he is, where he is, what he does, and we also know Mr. Right now, yes he is, Next to us, Loves driving us around!

Well, both types ultimately contribute to the happiness quotient of us, the beautiful girls~ and hello, we don't hate any men...just the jerks! :D
It's just NOT LIKE BEING MEAN OR ANYTHING, UNLESS YOU HAVE MR.RIGHT AND MR.RIGHT NOW AT THE SAME TIME...! even if u do, enjoy as long as you don't end up breaking hearts, that includes yours as well.

For those who haven't found either of the existing categories, don't worry, life has too much to offer to each one of us. One of them may happen to you soon.till then, Good Luck! And for the boys, it's time you realize out of the 2, which type you really are or i should put it better, it's time you realize which type you really mean to that Girl..! (yes, HER!)

At the end I'd just say, 'Men may come and men may go, for a woman, love goes on forever!!!!!!' (evil laughter)
Hope it was a memorable world love day for all...!

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