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Low Budget- No Worries; after all Friends are SPECIAL...!


So Birthdays, anniversary's, friends bachelor parties always add stress to your over-ly occupied brain..?? well my dear darlings I hear you! Oh and the best part is now you don't have to play the 'contri' game of useless gifts when you have Guiltybytes doing all the homework for you :D

Priced between Rs.200- Rs.1000, now pick from the craziest of ideas, wackiest of stuff, and a colorful spread from the best of options now! Okay so today I have featured 3 of my favorite brands- CHUMBAK, HAPPILY UNMARRIED and PLAY CLAN. Young, raw and Crazy is how I would like to put the three of them!

P.S. Click on the pictures to have a better preview of the products

Coasters, loved by everyone now-a-days are of great help at one's work desk! Ditch the old boring coasters to these trendy, hilarious ones. Available at and

For those first time drinking gifts at a friend's place, choose from a large variety of these 3 brands. Break the old time- no gift, no show attitude and get this must have ashtray for the party tonight!!! Chumbak's set of shot glass candle cum shot glasses certainly add excitement to any party. Happily Unmarried's Daaru glass collection is inspiring indeed. My favorite pick remians the 'Goa Girls'. Distinctive designs guarantee that guests remember which glass is theirs. :)

Printed shots are here to stay! The question remains, is the boxers talking about the raw elements from the country or is it talking about raw love for India? Either way it really sets the tone for expressing the true dramatic Indian inside you. Choose the 'Pehelwan' Boxers from Chumbak or the 'Auto Rickshaw' print shorts from Play Clan, pair it with a bold colored tee and you are all set for the late night pajama party!

With the All women coach in Delhi metro, Play Clan dedicates this 'ladies special' chai mug to all the women who stand for aurat jaath! You are b'ful, independent and powerful. so now get your days cracking up with this chai mug, as you sip the early morning chai from it! Priced at Rs.295

Flip flop lovers, better known as The Chappal wearing society in the city can choose from a wide range of Colorful flip flops from Chumbak.Well the fun doesn't end here, pair your flip-flops with a Graphic Tee shirt and carry the 'Bapu' special bag From Play Clan. Oh yes the bag, a cool style statement for the non-violent society is a must have for this college session!

Sadhu Mug from play Clan or the Bollywood behind the flower kiss Key Chain ring from Chumbak will make a special souvernir for all those special friends with whom have had the best days of your life! highly usable and out of the box these souvernir will remind them of your special ways forever...!

And for your tech savvy friends, they have it all!!! The hues of purple come alive in the 'Truck' vala I-pad cover that promises to give the coolest of clothes to your friend's I-pad, and hey you have the right to make your gadget wear cool clothes too, so buy 2 and sport the look, together ;)!

It's time for a fling before your friend's final ring..!For your dear friend who is soon going to be hitched, Get him this crazy Piggy bank for his big day! And you never know, after all the savings, some penny(s) may fall into your lap! :p
And yes he may just need a doormat for his new house that will help him for the rest of his life...! (Look Below for the same)

The 'Sandaas' a.k.a the ash tray is the kick ass gift for your puffy friend! It may just help his girl to use it as a ring keeper!! Run your ideas in any directions- Happily Unmarried brings you the sandaas tray at a price of Rs.600

'Glass Hamaarh, Daaru tumhaar', waaah calling the Jaat bhais are these amazing pair of beer glasses! i have heard people say that women and alcohol make a perfect pair, so gift your friend who is still single the 'Barmaid' bottle opener!

Whether your friend is a corporate guru or the Mr. Suit-me-up-always, he sure will be touched by this full-of-life card holder from Play clan. Every time he pops out his card from it, he will be THE one grabbing all the eyeballs, even of that cute girl he's been trying on since a long time at office! Peace!

Hey you, now don't stress yourself on the gifts budget or ideas, Shop till you drop and smile without having to worry about that hole in your troubled pocket.
After-all Friendships in childhood are usually a matter of chance, whereas in adolescence they are most often a matter of good gifts...!
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