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Step Out in Sweat Pants Fashionably!


So the weekend has arrived and there isn't anything more relaxing than putting on a pair of sweatpants on a Saturday in this Delhi heat! But have you every thought or put in the effort of looking absolutely stylish in your gym bottoms? Since staying comfortable is no reason to sacrifice your fashion sense, follow some easy steps for looking great in sweatpants.

Styling Tips
  • Choose a flattering cut. Opt for sweatpant styles that feature low rises, boot-cut or flared legs and trimmer silhouettes
  • Stick to solid colors. Sweatpants with words written across the rear end are a style no-no
  • Opt for short jackets, chained clothes and checks to add drama to your look
  • Sweatpants and heels is another “Tomboy Chic” look that’s all the rave this season

Here's my take on it!

I am Wearing || Sweatpants- Nike || Check Shirt- Mango || Shoes- Charles and Keith || Bag- ALDO || Black Bangles- Thrifted || Sunglasses- Mango || On My Lips- MAC Impassioned 

I realize that declaring sweat pants a favorite new trend definitely seems a little wacko but let me tell you, fashion is all about going all out, and I believe in wearable, experimental yet comfy-chic fashion! So wait no more and style your gym pants with what suits you the best, (of-course you have got to refer to my tips), open your hair and let them flow but hey keep it comfortably stylish this season! :)

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  1. Replies
    1. u're 100% right :-) she looks so great <3

    2. Thank you so much girls :) Means alot.

  2. I like how you style this pants!! They're great =)

    1. Thanks so much! I was just way too lazy to put on jeans or tight this weekend! Anyhow thanks love :)

  3. love your hair, so beautiful! Also what a great idea to wear sweatpants, love it. :)

    1. Thanks aakriti for all your kind appreciation! Pots of Love :)

  4. GReat outfit and no way those are sweatpants!

    1. Hey Simona, thanks so much. And yes these are sweatpants from Nike, i just put the efort to style them so they look nice. haha. Thanks so much. :)

  5. Great look....nice it
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