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Easy Recipe for Banoffee Pie


A weekend without baking, yes you heard me right, especially after my regular baking antics on DamnSweet Bakers, I chose to go in for a simple, fresh afternoon pudding- The Banoffee Pie :) 
It's simple, very delicious but more importantly, anyone can cook it at home. Okay one catch here is that this pudding is my version of the regular banoffee pie, so if your are looking for a yummilicious and easy to follow recipe, then refer to this one!

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#DamnSweet Bakers
2 packs gulcose biscuits (choose from any brand, I used Parle G)
1/2 cup cream
25 gms melted butter 
1 cup granulated sugar
1-2 Banana
Cake crumbs (optional)
1 Tsp Vanilla Essence
1 dark chocolate bar

Step 1-

In a mixer, grind the biscuits and add melted butter in it. Once the mixture is pasty and moist, with your hand put the mixture in a pie dish and spread it properly. After you have spread the mixture, place the pie dish in a pre-heated oven and bake it for 10 minutes in 130 degrees Celsius.

Step 2-

Once the mixture is baked, take the pie dish out and let it cool for ten minutes. Now add cut pieces of Banana and cake crumbs (optional), i added vanilla plain cake that i had baked the other day, you can add any flavor if you want or simply add more bananas in-case you don't have cake at all and spread it properly. 

Step 3-

Now we need to make the yummy, glazy caramel mixture. In a pan add one cup granulated white sugar and let it melt on a low beam. Once the sugar is melted, add 1/4th cup water to it and /2 cup cream and mix well. Your caramel syrup should look golden brown or orangish golden. It should be free of lumps, if you want a more creamy texture, then add more cream to your sugar mixture. Please note don't cook the caramel syrup for too long or else it will have a burnt flavour. 

Step 4-

Pour the glazy caramel mixture over the cake crumbs and banana and let it set. 

Step 5-

Step 5 is culmination of 2 steps. Firstly take the cream, add vanilla essence in it and whisk it properly till light and fluffy. In-case you like more sweet, add some powdered sugar to the fluffy cream. Then take a spoon and add the cream over the glazy caramel syrup. This is next layer after the caramel syrup. and then grate some dark chocolate over the fluffy cream layer.

Step 6-

Step 6 is to set the banoffee pie in the fridge for good 2-3 hours till the pie is strong enough to come out of the pie dish. OK so while you push the pie slowly to come out from the dish, make sure you do this very gently, because you don't want to break the crust, and then ta-da, serve cold with additional caramel syrup or choco syrup! 

And Yes, Bon Appetit :)

To know more about my baking ventures visit my Facebook Page-DamnSweet Bakers

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  1. look very tasty ;)

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  2. Variety food...have to try this....
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