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Daddy's Shopping Day Out at ARROW...!


One man I have loved with all my heart and honesty is my favorite man in uniform, my father. He has spent most of his life, serving this country, largely because of the nature of his job and has brought up a family of women who also happen to be his biggest fans on the planet. Today's post is dedicated to him and I have a very strong reason to thank a brand that has made 'Father's Day' for my father really special this time. I don't usually say a YES to a brand association easily, unless I can relate myself to it, but in this case, the brand happened to be my father's one of the favorite brands.

So today I am going to talk about my daddy's shopping day out at ARROW. We were invited to shop from the exclusive President's Collection that the brand boasts about. From crisply collared shirts to sparkling cuff links, ARROW has a lot to offer this summer! With a single touch of the cloth daddy can tell the longevity of that fabric, and with ARROW clothing, he was more than happy.

What me and daddy totally loved about the collection is that its designed for the office of importance. The President's collection is a range of premium, 2 ply giza cotton shirts with special features like a taped seam for a beautiful finish. 

In between all of daddy's shopping, I tried my luck at the Arrow's women section and I totally loved some really fun and colorful options for work. Here's a sneak peek from that-

 And the finale picture for today comes from daddy and his endless shopping bags...

This picture clearly shows his love for this brand. Hope you guys liked the post with my daddy and ARROW. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your father, make sure you visit ARROW- the brand that has dressed gentlemen for over 160 years!

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  1. looks stunning!

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  12. very nice!!:)

  13. Your dad is so lucky to have such a loving daughter!

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  15. Arrow is a best brand for man's clothes.Even I like to wear clothes of this brand.

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  26. Being travel blogger I hardly go out shopping but I came across your post when I was thinking to take my dad out :) Good one . Btw you should make media kit for your brand. It would be great. Here is mine:

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