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Garnier BB Cream VS Ponds BB Cream


The whole world cannot seem to get over the BB creams and rightfully so when the market is cluttered with so many, I mean soooooooo many BB creams. I read on the internet -what is BB cream and why are Asian women crazy about it?' and trust me I couldn't have agreed any less than this. Like you all know how eager and experimental I am to try out new products, this time too I tried my hands only on Ponds BB cream and Garnier BB cream. So the next thing I am going to tell to is which one is a better BB cream for the Indian skin of the two. But no, I can't list that out in the beginning only. I will try my best to keep you hooked till the end of the post. 

My review comes after trying both the creams for the period of one month in total. The first half of June was dedicated to Garner BB cream while the second half was dedicated to Ponds BB cream. BB creams are like light foundation base that helps you hide the real skin texture and cake it up. The good thing is that they are light and don't feel all caked up literally in comparison to the foundation. 

Garnier BB Cream
  • Good packaging
  • Very soft texture
  • Cream color is close to tan Indian skin
  • Evens out the skin tone minus the under eye area
  • Does not get patchy
  • Make the face look dewy which can work for some and may not for others
  • Moisturizing and volatile
  • Good SPF level
  • Very reasonale price- Rs 99 for 18 g, Rs 199 for 40 g
Not an appropriate product for oily/combination skin. It tends to clog the pores and thus can lead to skin breakouts. I myself have a combination type skin and it lead to uneven skin breakouts after a while. However on a dry skin, it can work like magic, another friend with a dry texture loves it for it gives her skin a moisture based dewy look. It retains the same skin shade after few minutes of application and works well with someone who intended to go all natural.

Ponds BB Cream
  • Good packaging 
  • The color is lighter than the skin but spreads well 
  • It takes effort to spread it evenly on the skin tone but spreads well in under eye area as well
  • Does not get patchy and has matte finish
  • Make the face glow and lasts for longer
  • Not very moisturizing 
  • Higher SPF
  • Pretty Reasonable Price: 125 INR for 18g and 69 INR for 9g. 
I love Ponds BB cream though it's a task to spread the cream well. It looks like a foundation, in the texture I mean and spreads well. I haven't had a single skin breakout using it and would recommend the same for someone with a similar skin-type as mine. The only thing to note here is that it's marketed as fairness cream which is what it does, it brighten your skin to a fairer tone, wont work for someone who wants to go natural.

Another most important usage of BB creams is as primer. Use it as the base for your makeup before applying the foundation. It will help the foundation spread well and will help you in a not-so-caked up look. 
Hope the review is of help, do let me know your feedback or queries in the comment box below!

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  1. nice post

  2. I haven't tried Ponds yet, garnier didn't go well with me. Will try the otehr one. Any other brands you suggest?

  3. I haven't tried ponds yet, but I do love their cold cream, so it is certainly worth a shot! x

  4. I like garnier BB cream, suits my skin. Haven't tried ponds, though all it'a ads are persuasive on Youtube. ;)

  5. This has been just so helpful!!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you dear.


  6. Exclente post!! Me encantan las BB Cream. Ya he probado algunas y son increíbles. Genial blog. Te sigo!! Kisses Darling!!

  7. I still am unable to see any benefits form using BB cremes :-/ maybe its only me, but they are just like tinted moisturizer.
    BTW I am new to the blogging community, would love your feedback and support :)

  8. I like bb cream but i used cc cream of Clinique :)

    Thank u for follow me and.. sure, i follow you :)


  9. Great post ....I love Maybelline and Garnier BB cream ...

  10. Nice post , will try ponds BB cream soon.

  11. I am a big fan of PONDS Products. Beauty Balm (BB) is currently Asia's hottest beauty products. It provides effortless natural bare-faced look, Instant natural coverage & Lightens from within body

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  12. Have tried garnier. Always experience breakouts. Oily skin with open pores. Don't know if I should buy Ponds or not. Garnier was a big waste.

  13. i love Ponds BB cream!!! A must have in your Makeup kit!!!

  14. Even after reading this post I still in confused because both the products are good to use. Let me try it out both the product.

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